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A healthy home needs sun, air and humidity, all in the right proportions. But it is also important that the environment inside is not contaminated by excessive amounts of chemical products and this is why you need to keep an eye on your VOCs.

What are VOCs?

VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are various kinds of chemical compounds which are made up of molecules which can be different but are all volatile, meaning they evaporate easily in the air at room temperature.  They can be of natural origin, man-made, or a combination of the two.

Where are they?

VOCs are found in many everyday products, as well as building materials. The harmful effects of these compounds naturally depend on their concentration in the environment and how long we are exposed to them. VOCs are typically found in paint thinners and petrol but we can also find them in many of the things we use around the house. The most common volatile organic compounds in our homes are limonene and toluene but the most important from a toxicological and mutagenic point of view is formaldehyde.

Protecting your home inside and out

When we think of our homes, we automatically think of the bricks and mortar as being safe, healthy and comfortable, a place suitable for everyday living. In actual fact, there is often the risk of them becoming real “gas chambers”, due to the presence of so-called “silent killers”, posing a threat to the occupants’ health.  Up to a couple of years ago, our concerns focussed purely on the dangers from the outside, convinced that pollution could only be found outdoors. Unfortunately scientific studies have recently shown that indoor pollution can actually be a lot more dangerous.

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Energy savings

The fact of the matter is that energy containment building methods have made the situation worse.  To keep energy costs down and prevent energy loss indoors, solutions have been used which have, however, worked to the detriment of the quality of the air we breathe, stopping volatile organic compounds from escaping from our homes. If we think that we spend on average around 80-90% of our lives in our homes, they should be built in a healthy way in order not to cause or aggravate illnesses.


Amonn has created Aquaprofi ZERO to make another tangible contribution to the need for products with a low environmental impact, helping to keep our living spaces healthy and safe. It also adheres to Amonn’s ethics policy which excludes the use of hazardous materials, first and foremost CMRs (carcinogenic, mutagen and reprotoxic chemicals).  Aquaprofi Zero products are designed to eliminate both slow and fast volatile organic compounds.

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Aquaprofi Lasur ZERO is a protective and decorative impregnating treatment that is especially recommended for interiors, as well as covered outdoor environments. Its special formula, which is free of VOCs, helps keep the environment healthy while enabling the product to be evenly absorbed by wood, minimising silvering and staining. Specially designed for both manual and industrial applications.


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Aquaprofi MS ZERO is a water-based medium thickness protective and decorative impregnating finishing treatment which enhances wood in indoor and covered outdoor environments. Carnauba wax has been added to the product which, as well as having many beneficial properties, is also hypoallergenic, making surfaces exceptionally water-repellent and washable. Aquaprofi MS ZERO helps keep the indoor and outdoor environment healthy.


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Lignex Aquawax is a water-based medium thickness protective and decorative impregnating finishing treatment which enhances wood in indoor and covered outdoor environments. It contains carnauba wax, which gives treated wooden surfaces a very hard, resistant and water-repellent finish, as well as feeling pleasantly velvety to the touch. Lignex® Aquawax helps keep the indoor and outdoor environment healthy.


What is carnauba wax?

Carnauba wax is a natural product obtained from the leaves of palm trees native to South America and the north-eastern regions of Brazil, where it is cultivated today. Carnauba is a superior plant-based wax and its properties have earned it the name “queen of waxes”. This special wax is used in a wide variety of sectors, from cosmetics to the food industry.

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Some of its most important properties are:

it is an effective polish;
it is water-repellent (it forms a kind of protective film over the surface it is applied to);
it thickens and hardens (its high melting point makes the products it is contained in more resistant to heat);
it is a preservative;
it is hypoallergenic.

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