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What is the European Union Ecolabel?

Ecolabel certification is an ecological trademark set up by the European Union (in fact it is called the EU Ecolabel) whose aim is to identify and award products and services of an environmentally-friendly nature which make a reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle and important aspects concerning the health and safety of consumers.

The EU Ecolabel is a voluntary ecological scheme subject to certification by an independent and authorised body.  It is based on a series of selective criteria defined on a scientific basis and which, as previously mentioned, take into account the environmental impact of products or services throughout their life cycle, the average life span of the products, their ability to be reused or recycled, their reduced packaging and content of recycled material.

The Ecolabel criteria, defined at EU level with invaluable contributions from stakeholders including European consumer associations and environmentalist groups, address important issues concerning consumer health and safety. They also deal with the main social and ethical aspects of production processes when relevant.

How do you obtain the Ecolabel?

Obtaining Ecolabel certification is a simple process involving the competent body, ISPRA and the European Commission in the final stages.

Any company wanting to obtain environmental certification which, we would like to remind you, is voluntary, must show it respects ecological criteria by building and then submitting an application dossier to its national competent body (European Ecolabel Ecoaudit Committee – Ecolabel section).

The Committee submits the documentation to ISPRA for examination. Once compliance with the ecological criteria has been verified, based on the technical opinion of ISPRA, the national competent body decides whether or not to grant the trademark.

The certified product or service is then included in a European catalogue which is published on the European Commission website.



Transparent, anti-yellowing water-based, single-component fire-proofing varnish providing notable resistance to stains from substances in common use, such as wine, detergent, etc., and to abrasion.

For treating wood and its derivatives laid as indoor flooring. Rated according to Italian and EU directives.

Vernice per legno

Hydrolac is an “ecological” varnish ideal for use indoors.

It is characterized by high surface durability, which makes it very resistant to abrasion and stains. At the same time, it is easy to apply and is practically odourless.Furthermore it is safe from a fireproofing point of view as it reaches the maximum level foreseen by the European norm – all this with a beautiful aesthetic finish.

Vernice per parquet

The eco-friendly water-based single-component polyurethane varnish that protects from fire, ideal for use in closed environments. Provides excellent hardness and stain-resistance.


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