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Although the ETHIC GREEN project was only recently launched, it is the name Amonn has chosen to communicate its ongoing commitment to delivering environmentally-friendly products to all its consumers and users.

Innovative products which meet the demands of today’s world.  Products which are often ahead of their time: yesterday for today, today for tomorrow.

ETHIC GREEN is the realisation of this philosophy, as it is the most tangible response to the market’s ever-growing demand for “sustainability”.

Only companies like Amonn, who are specialists in their field and whose experience and expertise are of the very highest standard, are able to undertake a project of this kind.

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Our philosophy, our environmental processes and a practical guide to our green products.

Who is Amonn?

Amonn was established 200 years ago and, since its inception, has always been a family-run business. Human values, respect for others and environmental protection have always been its priorities, despite the many advances in today’s world.
Perhaps it is the beautiful and unspoiled natural setting where the company is based or the traditions of this stubborn and hard-working land, but Amonn has always upheld the values it stands for.
Its “ethical” approach means it provides the market with top-quality products, while striving to create a better, more liveable world for future generations.


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